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Location of real estate, what about rising tides?

This post will be about where to start when you are looking to invest in real estate to generate rental income.

Start scanning for cities you would consider

This will differ based on your personal situation, but consider the following:

  • Distance - How far are you willing to travel from your primary house? Will you manage the real estate yourself or outsource that? If you'll manage it yourself, it will need to be within acceptable distance. For me thats around 100km max.

  • Risk of rising tides - 26% of The Netherlands lies below sea level, making 60% a risk area for rising water levels. The country has 3700! kilometers of dikes to manage that. But, projections are that by 2100 due to global warming the water levels will have risen by 0.3 - 2 meter. If we do not make the Paris-goals this could even go to three meters.

Atlasleefomgeving is a really nice tool to visually display this risk:

Maximum height of water when dikes break.

  • Then it's good to have a look at which cities have universities. This depends ofcourse which type of tenant you are looking for.

Combining these insights you should get to a nice shortlist. In my case:

  • Breda

  • Tilburg

  • Eindhoven

Good luck!

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